101 Interesting Things about Sebago Lake Maine

As many of you may know by now I live on Sebago Lake in Maine and I’m sure many of you will agree it is one of the nicest cleanest lakes around Southern Maine. Maine is enjoying some beautiful spring weather and I have spoken with many of the old timers in my area who claim that this is one of the earliest times that the ice has gone out in years which could have to do with the 60-70 degree weather.

I’m on Jordans Bay a part of our 28,771 acre lake there is also Great Bay with a maximum recorded depth of 305′ and flows into the Presumscot River. We are really enjoying living here despite the older cottage that we bought and are renovating(whole other story)and the previous brutal winters (whole other story)the views out the window have been fantastic.

I’m also pleased to say it has opened up a great niche market for me which is lakefront properties. I’ve shown quite a few homes on the lake and currently have a cottage listed which I have blogged about in the past. Long story short my daughter took a picture of me on our dock showing the ice is out.

Enjoy the day! I know I will!


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