Preparing for Profit as the market turns

We just attended a very good seminar put on by a couple of days ago in Portland, Maine and I would suggest attending if it gets to your area.

2010 Preparing for Profit as the Market Turns was the name of the event. It was both informative and entertaining and we got quite a lot of social networking tips. Of course they were also selling upgrades for which include ” Showcase Listing Enhancements” which we currently use and several other upgrades like Featured Agent, Featured Website, Buyer Assist, and Market Snapshot. We were tempted to purchase Featured Agent but were not comfortable with the price of $99.00 per are code considering there are 5 area codes for the city of Portland alone. Do any of you use Featured Agent?

The seminar also went over all social media aspects, Facebook, Twitter, and something brand new called Twellow which is a directory or yellow pages for businesses you willrank higher on it if you have a lot of followers on Twitter and you have to be on twitter to use it.

They went over smart phones like Iphones and Androids, Ipad and digital cameras.

What they didn’t go over and I would like to get AR input on is a good website creation site that allows you to use different title tags for every page and has great SEO distributing at a reasonable price. Can anyone recommend an easy to use template site that allows freedom? We currently use Image Pro and after 2 years of use and constant updating to the site have not gotten 1 viable lead from.

Thanks in advance,

Carol and Paul


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